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Translator of Japanese to any language  needed!!

Must be a native speaker of the respective language and good at one more than one language. Worked as a translator/ trainee translator/ freelancer in any domain will be desirable.
Must have Knowledge of MS Office package.       

Job Responsibilities:

Translation of assigned task in their respective language.         
Proofreading of their translation work and to deliver an error free translated document.

Please send your C.V. to abc.o.service(a)gmail.com

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IT technical document, Website, Manual, Official document, Legal, Business, Game, Animation, International relation and other expertise. From 5 yen per source word (English to Japanese), 2.5 Yen per source (Japanese to English). English, Hindi, Marathi, Chinese, Malay, German, Arabic.

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ニッ ポン格安翻訳概要連想ゲームコ ラム・世界の言語世界の語 族 けちけち大作戦 け ちブロ始めました☆ スー パー相互リンク募集中

From ¥5 per word

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